The Walking Golfers Society

Mission Statement

The Walking Golfers Society is committed to walking when we play because of the physical, social, scoring, and experience benefits, amongst others.

We encourage others to walk when they golf and are committed to spreading awareness of the many benefits of being a walking golfer.

We respect the right of an individual to take a golf cart when they play, whether for physical or personal reasons.

However, we believe that golf carts inhibit a golfer from getting the most out of every round.

If you believe that golf is a walking game, then The Walking Golfers Society invites you to join our membership of passionate individuals who are committed to walking when they play – and having a lot of fun while doing so!

Joining the Society

The Walking Golfers Society always welcomes new members. Just fill out the form at the right and you are in! There is no cost.

Regional Society Leaders

The Walking Golfers Society is looking for Regional Society leaders. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity please contact us for details.

Friends of the Society


  1. Bandon Dunes was terrific. My knee is a b*tch (scoped twice and it’s arthritic and bone-on-bone) so I sometimes have trouble. B’cuz of this, I could not keep up with my partners who walked both Trails and Bandon Dunes in one day. Next year, I’ll make it but will play it smart: Pacific or Bandon Dunes or Old Mac in the morning and then the new 12-hole Preserve in the afternoons. THAT my knee can handle, I think. Trails is a tough hike thanks to some hefty elevations, so that may not be a good choice for two rounds in a day – but, could be good to play Trails and then go and goof around on “Shorty’s” – the practice course at the resort (they apparently close down the large practice area in the aft and let folks go out on it and play it like a mini-course).

    Another option would be to play trails in the morning and then, if my knee is behaving in a work-to-rule fashion – go play Bandon Crossings with a *power cart*. Sorry to offend, but hey — just being practical.

    We hope to play the sheep ranch (see attached URL) next year too and will make that an all-day affair.

  2. Looking for super-senior walking or riding golfers for weekday golf in the Balto-DC-Annapolis area. For various reasons, our group of regulars are thinning in numbers. We score in the 90-100 range normally. Tee dates set each week based on availability, year round. Wednesdays and Fridays are most popular days. Phone (410 268 1025) or email (

  3. Why would anyone want to move to Florida, with the high humidity and bugs. Arizona has walking courses and a wonderful climate. When it is 50 degrees in AZ, on is out with shorts, polo shirt and sandals. In Florida, 50 degrees means one needs a sweat suit. 110 in AZ is cooler than 90 in FL. With the Mayo Clinic in the Phoenix area and the University of AZ medical center in Tuscon, we have some of the best health care in the US. Living is reasonable. Fruits and vegetable and reasonable because they are grown here. On the hottest day when the sun goes down, it is comfortable outside on the patio. Hopefully, everyone won’t find out these secrets that make AZ the outstanding place to live.

  4. Lately I have been playing at the Mad Russian Golf Course in Millikin, CO. It has nice hills and beautiful vistas. The course has a lot of water and marshes. It is challenging and fun to walk. Longs Peak and the mountains are awesome. If in the Loveland, Fort Collins area of Colorado, be sure to try this one.

  5. Walked 57 holes on my 57th birthday. Nov 22. 78-80-87 (and 18 for the last three holes). Played at par 69, 5396 yard Meadowlands in Chilliwack, BC on a cloudy (but rainless) day. Played several goofy rules such as nothing but 5i thru the green on #5, nothing byt 7i on #7, and a few other wrinkles to keep it interesting. Daylight was the main challenge. It was a lot of fun – about a 9 mile hike because the course layout has some long walkbacks between holes.

    Also enjoyed Chambers Bay and Gearhart in 2012.

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