The Walking Golfers Society

Mission Statement

The Walking Golfers Society is committed to walking when we play because of the physical, social, scoring, and experience benefits, amongst others.

We encourage others to walk when they golf and are committed to spreading awareness of the many benefits of being a walking golfer.

We respect the right of an individual to take a golf cart when they play, whether for physical or personal reasons.

However, we believe that golf carts inhibit a golfer from getting the most out of every round.

If you believe that golf is a walking game, then The Walking Golfers Society invites you to join our membership of passionate individuals who are committed to walking when they play – and having a lot of fun while doing so!

Joining the Society

The Walking Golfers Society always welcomes new members. Just fill out the form at the right and you are in! There is no cost.

Regional Society Leaders

The Walking Golfers Society is looking for Regional Society leaders. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity please contact us for details.

Friends of the Society


  1. Please include me in emails for The Walking Golfers Society. It’s just a great feeling to walk a course, especially in the early morning, or when most have cleared the course at night.

    Take care,

  2. I found you on the web after frustration with many courses which don’t allow walking at all. We just returned to the US after eight years in Europe where golf is still a walking game. Please sign us up.

  3. If you are looking for a great walk try Chambers Bay. How about May 1st for the Michelob Ultra Open? Winning team will be headed to Pebble for the US Open in June. I great chance to walk outside the ropes and enjoy the world’s best. Plenty of unbelievable prizes to be had including a great package to Tetherow in Bend, Maui, Pumpkin Ridge and other great NW tracks. 3 weeks later(Cascade Golfer Challenge) we will be sending 2 people to Bandon Dunes for 3 nights and a chance to play all 4 courses.

    If you live in the northwest and this interests you drop me an email.

  4. Just found the website while searching for information/articles regarding the many benefits of walking while playing a round of golf. Great work with the site – I really enjoy the articles and member feedback. This evening will be my maiden voyage as a true Walking Golfer. Have had an electric cart for several years, but play in a regular group with some of us walking. The light came on in my head over the weekend and just yesterday purchased my first true walking bag. I am really looking forward to this evening. We have a very challenging old course, with lots of area golf history. It is very much suitable for walkers, which is a good thing! May share my thoughts after a few weeks or months. Great website!

  5. Hi Kevin – Thanks for the kind words about the site. Great to read that you have become a walking golfer and purchased your first walkers bag. I know you will enjoy the many benefits of traveling by foot over the fairways – at one with the game as the Scots intended. Please keep us posted on your journeys. Rob

  6. I sometimes feel i am the only walker left. Nice to find some like-minded individuals!

  7. I think it’s one of the best things about this great game. Nothing beats a good walk. I always remember what Sir Walter said so long ago, “don’t hurry, don’t worry, and don’t forget to smell the flowers along the way.

  8. Always looking for other walkers in the Sandhills of North Carolina. All the courses in and around Pinehurst are very easy to walk. Let me know if you come for a visit and want to walk 18.

  9. Being able to walk a golf course is the only reason I play golf at all. I’m 36 years old and after 200 rounds I realize I’m never going to be much better thean a 25 handicap. I never get the enjoyment of a good score but at least I can say I get good exercise.

  10. Philip,

    Your attitude about walking the golf course is fantastic! Allow me to share a quick story regarding my determination to walk. I had a tee time with an upscale, daily fee course one morning and discovered that the policy at the course was mandatory carts before 1:00 pm on weekends. As I prepared to pay for the round, I said that I’ll pay the cart fee, but I’d still prefer to walk. Of course, I received the “Deer in the Headlights” look, but he agreed to let me walk. What a great deal for the course! They received additional revenue, and there was less wear ‘n tear on their course. I in return had the benefit of walking a good golf course. Paying an extra $10-$15 is worth it for the true golf experience value.

    By the way, don’t give up on that handicap.

    Let the Dew slide off the Shoe,

  11. I love your website. My favorite local course is a nice Donald Ross design which is very walkable, but is usually packed with cart golfers. This past Saturday was a bit rainy in the morning, so the course
    allowed walkers only. What a nice surprise! After I teed off on the first hole, the rain stopped and the
    sun came out. What an enjoyable round of golf! Very strange and nice to not see a cart anywhere on the course. I wish every round could be like that.

  12. I am about to join he Walking Golfers Society. Years ago I joined the USGA or PGA Walkers contingent. All I’ve ever received is a bag tag– nothing more since!
    I am 78 years old and , as noted in the comments, find walking is the full dimension of the sport. I use a hand cart I own (most courses now do not even offer rentals). Regardless of quality of play, weather, delays, etc., I always enjoy the other elements of the experience (exercise, challenge, relaxation, 19th hole) and come home satisfied with the inestment of time. Not to mention meeting joining older and newer friends. But I am afraid that we walkers, regardless of age and physical condition, willl too soon be extinct. In the meantime I’m fat, old and happy on the course and, I play the game better!

  13. Just received a link to this site. I am motivated today to get out my walking bag and walk the course tomorrow.

  14. There is a problem when going on a golfing outing that automatically adds cart rental into the cost. I would love to see some reduced cost if someone wants to walk the course. I have a Ping carry bag and a Sun Mountain cart for walking. My home course allows walking for members, but guest greenfees include a cart. There are some at my home course that want to do away with walking at certain times (like weekends). We need a more proactive voice into walking.

  15. I am a walking member of the USGA and carry a full set of club in my Izzo bag. It is left handed and so am I. There should be no restriction for walking on any course, since the golf started as a walking game. This is the tradition and it should be encouraged. The lazy people that ride would be in much better health if they walked. I am only 70 and will walk as long as I am able.

  16. Thanks for a wonderful concept! Walking Golf! Amen to the Golf Gods.

  17. Walking in golf is not only better for your phisical condition, it helps and improve your game because make you to take a good rhytm.

  18. There is nothing equal to wake up early in the morning and take my walkingcartbag and enter to Real Del Mar Golf Course, the first 5 holes are a long and heavy uphill walk, then you go in the number 6 that presents an almost 45 degrees downhilll after that you find a very nice an unbelivable pleasure walking from the hole number 7 trough the 18 and then you need to walk uphill to the 19.
    Don’t allow yourself to lose this magnificent Course whit a realy beutiful sights of the Pacific Ocean.

  19. Thank you Thank you ,For creating a society that promotes the game i Love and the way i prefer to play, I only wish all courses would allow me to walk the course,i play faster walking than taking the dreaded power cart and on many occasions have payed for a power cart and not used it. thanks again
    Thomas Blake Dobson

  20. Not sure how an alert of this society got routed to my email but was tickled to find it. Have walked and carried my bag for decades but it is often with a lot of heckling and worse. Have been excluded from some groups because I insisted on walking. I am so grateful that I am still able to walk and carry, so many folks can’t, some never could or would. It is so sad that so much of the income at so many courses is derived from cart rental, that the pacing is seen as demanding cart usage. I wonder if stats have been developed on walking wrt pacing – bet us walkers would be quicker by a lot overall, especially with the ultimate in stupidity – cart path only. Will feel much better in the future as I insist on walking whenever possible and when I focus my golf time on walking type courses, like my home courses.

  21. Wonder if any walkers out there are from the Maryland/DC area? As I get older. walker/all season golfers are difficult to find Walk or ride, if any such golfers would be a treat to connect with.

  22. I’m one of the new breed of Hybrid Golfers’, now using the new Hybri-lite golf ball developed for quick, affordable & enjoyable walking golf on smaller mid-length courses. The balls hi-performance flight allows the shorter golf course to play bigger, providing a better opportunity for more golfers’ to enjoy a healthy walk. Now being used on over 400 shorter courses and growing.

    Walking golf… health for the body & mind.

  23. Ron L, I’m in Upper Marlboro, MD and an avid all year round (unless it has snowed or below 30 degrees) walking golfer. Home course is Andrews AFB, but I’ll play anywhere when I can walk the course.

  24. Stan: Here is a comment I emailed recently to one of our WALKERS: What is your location

    Ron G.

    I’ve walked (w/pull cart) the Upper Marlboro Course and Patuxent Greens recently. Also, Enterprise, Glendale, Bowie and Naval Academy. Courses in Baltimore City/county and AA county have been regular over the recent years. I’ve had a loose group of super-seniors (mix of walkers & riders), but our ranks are thinning. I’m not in any regular organized group, so would like to develop additional contacts. What do you say?

    If you’re in our area let me know.

    Ron L

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  25. anyone interested in walking golf this sat in southern NJ Scotland Run

  26. I’m considering moving to FL in the near future and am looking for a golf club, anywhere in the state, that allows unrestricted walking. Additionally, it should offer an annual or seasonal membership and does not have any homes bordering the fairways. (My tee shots are occasionally off-line by a significant amount)


  27. As a passionate greenkeeper since the mid-1980s, I have walked the golf course day in and day out. It is not uncommon for me to grab my 5 iron, SW, and putter and play 9 holes without a bag. Some days I take my 3 hybrid, 7I, 8I, PW, SW, putter in my MacKenzie Peter Jacobsen model bag. Keep it simple brothers and sisters. I find the game much more enjoyable that way.

  28. Ron Gordon: Your comment on my Dec 2010 message got lost. My phone number is 410 268 1025 in Annapolis. If you want to pursue opportunities for walking golf in our geo area, please give me a call.


    Ron Leahy

  29. I have come back to the church of walking the links.A man of any age can see so much and experience tranquality by walking.From the local muny to a championship course there is different beauty in all that a man drives by in a cart.We must encourage all play ready golf,play course management,and with proper ettiquite.Most of all get more people just to come back to walking.”

  30. I just discovered The Walking Golfer and love this site. It seems that if you want to walk a course, you are in the minority. The game was made for walking. You become one with the course when you walk. You can take time to enjoy the special environment that you are lucky to be a part of. Keep up the good work….

  31. Check out Kingsland Ga and Trident links golf course at Kings Bay Navy Base. open to the public with unrestricted walking. It borders Fl and Amelia Island and the Ocean 30 minutes away. Recommend looking at Saint Marys Ga for a place to call home.

  32. Tim,

    I agree 100% about walking and golf. Just curious where you live and if you are associated with the Buffalo Tournament Club?

  33. Hi Bill,

    We are not affiliated with any other Society or group at this time.

    All the best,


  34. Hopefully one day. I am too busy with TRUE linkswear to spend the time I would like to on TWG and the Society. Apologies. It’s a very good idea.

  35. Golf is a walking sport. Riding is one of the reasons so many men are fat and out of shape, having strokes and heart attacks. They should get exercise and fresh air by walking. I am 71 and carry a full set of clubs, plus a ball retriever.

  36. Darren, Ken & I walked thru about 100 rounds last year – many together, many at linksy Royalwood (Chilliwack, BC). We play year-round, weather permitting and look forward to hoofing our way around the courses at Bandon this April. Might try to work Chambers Bay into the trip too.

    I’m also looking forward to a visit to the Redmond-Bend region in September. (A pre-retirement scouting trip, more-or-less.)

    My most “transcendent” golf games are often 5 or 6 quick holes at dawn, before work. Alone, in a heavy summer-morning dew, carrying a stripped down bag, I feel at peace and fulfilled – double-bogeys notwithstanding.

  37. Brilliant Mitch – Keep enjoying the walk – Those times when you are alone on the course can be magical.

  38. Starting to get ready fo the upcoming golf season of 2012 here in the DC/MD/VA area! I’ve always been a walking golfer but the weight of the full set in a bag breaks me down every season and I refuse to get so tore down this year! Lifting weights and stretching several times per week. Preparing for season by playing 9 or 18 holes on the weekend with just a few clubs: 3+ wood, hybrid, 2 irons, 2-3 wedges and a putter in a Sunday Bag. Most of the time is spent around the greens working on the up and down with 3-4 balls to get some feel and touch while also seeing how the various ball models react since I don’t hit that 3+ wood far enough to get into GIR range. You can get a lot of work in on a cold winter PM on an empty course! Just put on your running tights under your pants, layer up, and get some handwarmers; also put the golf balls in the house overnight before you go out to get room temp and you’ll notice the difference in distance: they go a decent distance in the winter cold! Leaving lasers and all the excess junk out the bag this year to think less on the course and just get up there, hit it, hold the follow through, and react from there.: less is more!! Setting realistic expections of being lifelong mid-handicapper (14 hdcp) since I started playing only 7 years ago and concluding this game is tough without strong distance from the driver and an excellent short-game. No sense becoming mental! LOL. It’s justa game! Do yourself and someone else a favor, give your excess equipment away and get someone else started in the game with that equipment! If you’re in the DC/MD/VA area and want to walk this season drop me a note a Enjoy the Walk!!! “Army Strong”! Go Ravens and Terps!

  39. Cloudcroft, NM has a great golf course. It has to be walked. It’s located in a valley. The first hole, you start at the top and hit down. There are 8 holes in the valley. There are two different sets of flags. You play these holes twice. The last hole is up the hill. It’s a great exprience

  40. Keep the faith. You’ll make it. It becomes easier as you keep at it. Carrying is the only way to go. With the 2 strap system, it is as easy a carrying a backpack.

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