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Show your support for TWGS while protecting your clubs with these stunning and light weight tartan headcovers available in Driver, Fairway, Large Hybrid and Small Hybrid.

Made from fine wool imported from Northern Scotland, and as always, hand cut fabrics and customized sewing in Beaverton, Oregon USA.

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$75 – Driver

$65 – Fairway / Hybrid


  1. Yes, $225 for a golf bag that will last you many years and is handmade in Portland, OR by local workers who are understandably paid a lot more than their counterparts in Asia. So they are expensive to produce and then we ensure a portion of the proceeds are donated to The Children’s Course/The First Tee.
    There is not a lot of margin in our Ballistic Nylon Bags but it is worth creating them because we know there are walking golfers who love carrying a MacKenzie Golf Bag but cannot afford the $800 custom leather version.

    MacKenzie Golf Bags are not for everyone – we understand that – those of us who carry the bag have our reasons.

  2. How waterproof are the Llama and Sherpa? I love to carry my (Titleist canvas) Sunday Bag, but my grips get soaked even on a damp morning, so I end up transfering my stuff to a conventional stand bag any time I’m not sure the course will be fairly dry.

    Can the Llama and Sherpa be personalized with a club logo?

    Finally, can these bags be ordered through the pro shop at my club, or must I purchase it directly from you?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi David,

    Thank you for your questions.

    The Llama and Sherpa and made out of ballistic nylon which is a water proof (and bullet proof) material. On extremely wet days it may be possible for moisture to enter the bag through the top, or possibly leak through the stitching at the bottom, but overall these bags remain very dry inside if you lay them down on wet ground.

    ie) ballistic nylon repels moisture – it does not absorb moisture like canvas or even some cordura nylons.

    For an additional fee, MacKenzie may be able to personalize your Llama or Sherpa with a club logo.

    Please contact me for details on pricing for additional logos or stitching.

    The Llama and Sherpa are sold directly through The Walking Golfer and we are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds to The First Tee of The Children’s Course.

    Enjoy the walk,


  4. Man, them bags look tight. Here’s the thing – I walk all the time and got me one of them “Sunday” Titleist bags. Only thing is, I play at the crack of dawn. The bag gets wet as all get out what with the dew/water/etc… Any advice on how to/where to get a waterproof Sunday bag? Thanks dawg(s)~ mclain

  5. Our Llama and Sherpa do great on morning rounds because they are ballistic nylon instead of canvas or cordura. If you spray a water-proof coating on the zippers and seams then they are almost water tight. You can watch as the water beads off the bags.

    Unless you use a stand bag, you will have to be careful with your towel or it will get wet when you put your bag down.

  6. I really like the looks of these bags so much I’m drawn back to this site often. My one concern with a bag like this is the missing stand legs. I have used a “Sunday Bag” but got away from it because I was constantly bending over to get a club or put one back.

    I know I’m not being traditional here- but do your bags come with legs?


  7. Hi John,

    These bags do not come with legs. We get that question all the time – Todd and I do not believe that legs or dual straps make for a better golf bag – but we understand that many golfers do, it is just preference.

  8. I really like the look of the Llama and the logo on the pocket.
    Does the logo come standard or is it a special order?
    By the way, I own a Mackenzie Original. I’ll be ordering a Llama
    to go along with it very soon. Great bags both! Cheers!

  9. Hi Dean – The logo comes standard on the Llama and Sherpa. If you would like any initials stitched on the bag then that will be extra. Cheers.

  10. My llama arrived. Amazing.
    Already took it for a test drive.
    Great bag. Cheers.

  11. My llama arrived last week. Standard black, but with tan leather accents. I also got the valuables pouch in the tan leather. Used it this weekend. Great bag and great people to work with. It takes time to get it, but it’s worth it.

  12. A couple of questions.

    Do you have a “industry” discount? I work in the golf industry and am very interested in the ballistic bag.

    The ballistic bags are not on the website. How do we order them?

    If I lean the bag against something ( tree, bench, etc) does it stay erect or does it collapse like an accordian?

    Thank you for your time and efforts

  13. Wade,

    If you are talking about the Sherpa bag, the Walking Golfer bag that is, you an lean the bag on a tree or even (gasp!) put it on the back of a cart and it will stand up. It’s the combination of the bag and the clubs in the bag that allow it not to collapse. I really love mine.


  14. I came upon the Llama and Sherpa while researching MacKenzie’s leather bags. Pleased to have the option. The bags look awesome. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Are there any color options–body or accent–beyond black on black? One person above seems to have gotten tan leather. Is there an upcharge for that if it’s available?

    2. Any plans to add additional body colors in the future?

    3. The divider in Sunday bags I’ve owned in the past have broken down over time, exposing the metal rod to the shafts of my clubs. How do you cover your divider and will it stand up over time, do you think?

    4. Any chance of lengthening the larger pocket on the Llama to create more room? I carry my bag on my right shoulder so that pocket’s away from me and could be bigger if you can do it.



  15. What we need is a very light bag designed for people who carry long, heavy headed putter. The best I have found is only 1.5 lbs, 34.5″ tall. It only has three areas for clubs and it only about 7″ in top and bottom diameter.

    I think a bag suitable for long putters would be taller than 35″, weigh no more than 1.5 lbs, have at least an eight inch diamenter, have three divided area for clubs, and have a removable ballest of some kind for people who do not fill up the bottom with golf balls. The stitching would be double or triple to withstand the stress of the heavy long putters and a full set.

    Anybody got any ideas?

    Thanks, Scott

  16. Jason – MacKenzie Golf Bags are not designed to ride on carts. I guess you can loop the strap through the handle though and they would stand up fine.

  17. I have been forced to do that a couple of times. No problems at all.


  18. I play in several events every year where carts are mandatory. I have never had a problem using my MacKenzie bag on a cart.

  19. Hello, I never ride in a cart unless it is forced upon me and right now I have a titleist ultralight stand bag, same as the sun mountain swift x. I am wondering what the advantages are of having a sunday bag and if I got one it would be this one and why should I get one?

  20. I am 70. I carry the lightest, full set, Sunday bag I can find. The benefits are enormous – especially at my age. I have walked almost 500 miles already this year on a very hilly course in the foothills of North Carolina. Bag length and overall weight is extremely important. I would love to find one with legs that is really large enough and sturdy enough to handle a full set and a long putter. I have been looking for years and not found one that meets all the requirements that I think are essential. The very light Titleist bag I have now is close, but it has no legs and no spine – sags badly when you try to stand it up. I think manufactures of the bags listed on this site and all other manufacturers are missing out on a large market by ignoring requests for such a bag. Golf is walking – if you can walk. We need a durable, extremely light, bag with a spine, retractable legs, and a large enough top and bottom to carry a full set!

  21. If you lay your bag down in morning dew conditions, how do you keep your clothes from getting wet? The ground is wet a fair amount where I am from, but I really like these bags.

  22. Never really had that problem – usually it’s wet on the bottom but the bag rests against your side. Also if you have a jacket or sweater you don’t feel wet (at least I haven’t). Good question – wish I had a better answer – just never noticed it.

  23. How do you attach the umbrella at the top of the bag? I see the loop at the bottom but none at the top.
    Please explain. Product looks fantastic!

  24. The umbrella actually goes in the bag. That is a finger loop at the bottom. MacKenzie might be convinced to put a ring on the top so you can use it as an umbrella holder – you’d to have to chat with Todd and Thom about that.

  25. Do 14 clubs fit well in the Llama walking bag? Often times you spend time fighting to get the clubs out of a small carry bag?

  26. It’s pretty easy to get a full set into a Llama. I usually carry fewer than 14 clubs – but since there is only one divider and it does not go all the way to the bottom there is a ton of room in the bag.

  27. Yes – It has a spine that runs from the base up to the handle. This helps the bag stand up straighter when you put it down on the base to take a club out.

  28. I have had my original, all leather mackensie bag for 21 years and it is still in excellent condition. Strap is good, zippers till work fine and the divider is in excellent condition. The only thing I have lost is some of the tan color as it has worn off. It is without a doubt the best balanced bag for walking ever made. I have no issues with wetness either. I know ride most of the time and my bag is so light and so easy to handle it works so well on a cart. Simply puit the strap through the handle of the bag and it will stay on and upright through 36 holes easily. Best product I have ever owned, wish I could get another but mine is till going strong and will easily outlive me. I have actually put it in my will to pass on to my son who has been waiting a long time to get his hands on it.
    John Synan, durham NC

  29. I have asked someone from The MacKenzie Golf Bag Company to get in touch with you – Nice choice! The Sherpa is a great bag!

  30. I would like to order a Llama two pocket with initials VJP in memory of Vanessa. Can you give me a price, additional information and ideas.

  31. Hi Vincent – I have asked the gents at MacKenzie Golf Bag Company to email you with more info. All the best – Rob

  32. I stumbled on this site because I was looking into getting back into golf this summer (3 yr hiatus). About ~7 years ago, I had contacted MacKenzie and they said there were not making this style bag anymore. Mine is >15 years old and still going strong. My brothers is the same age but he beats his up. I figure maybe its time for a new bag but I am not a black color fan for a golf bag.

    Help me out by contacting me in someway so I can find out more.

  33. Hi Kevin – I will ask someone from MacKenzie to reach out to you – Thanks

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