Wooden Sticks Golf Club

Wooden Sticks Golf Club (Uxbridge, Ontario)
Par 72 (7,025 yards)

Green Fees: C$145 – C$220

Woodensticks is a high end public golf course designed exclusively for cart golf. For full details about the course see www.woodensticks.com

Designed by architect, Ron Garl, Wooden Sticks incorporates 12 famous hole templates from around the world, such as the Road Hole at St. Andrews, the 17th at Sawgrass and the 12th/13th at Augusta. Ironically, ll of the golfers that I played with preferred the six “original” Wooden Sticks holes to their “inspired” counterparts! The 400 yard par 4 7th, in particular, is fabulous, as it requires a perfectly placed drive to set up a tricky second that traverses a large ravine to a narrow green.

Sadly, Wooden Sticks is not for the walking golfer. The distances between the holes are too far to walk even though the course is not routed through a housing development. At times, even in a cart, it is easy to miss directions to the next hole. The total lack of walkability is disappointing since the course is fun to play, the facilities are excellent and the staff are very helpful and friendly.
I would rate Wooden Sticks 0 / 4 for Walkability, 3 / 4 for Architecture and Aesthetics, and 1 / 2 for Playability for a total of 4 / 10.

Review by Norm Rigg (May, 2009)

The Walking Golfer Course Rating System
Total is out of 10 Points

0 – 4 points – Walkability

0 – 4 points – Architecture and Aesthetics

0 – 2 points – Playability and Strategy

Norm Rigg

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