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  1. I would disagree about the walkability factor on the Shadow Ridge Golf Club in Kelowna, BC. It is listed as ‘manageable’, when in fact it is an easy walk. A completely flat course with no long walks from greens to the next tee.

    Also, there is no criteria set for the Kelowna Springs Golf Course, also in Kelowna. This is also a very walkable course and should be colour coded (green) as such.

    The Williams Lake Golf Club also has no criteria set. I have only played it once and did walk it. On the basis of my experience I would rate it as orange for ‘tough to walk’. My only qualification on the rating would be that I walked the course on an extremely hot day in July and would not do that again on a bet. I’d be interested in hearing someone else’s comment on this.

  2. Two other unrated course in Kelowna:

    Michaelbrook Ranch Golf Club is a short par 62 course which measures 3,720 yards ‘off the tips’. Very flat and a very easy walk.

    Mission Creek Golf Club is also a short par 62 course measuring 4,005 yards, again ‘off the tips’. Also flat and very walkable.

  3. Great website and I totally support the promotion of walking on golf courses.

    I just wanted to clarify that the OSOYOOS GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB (OG&CC) is a 36 hole facility – two totally different 18 hole courses. The Park/Meadows course can be walked with the back nine being slightly more strenuous than the front nine. The front nine has plenty of trees for shade protection. Even when we hit 30+ degrees Celsius, many members will walk the front nine and take a cart for the back.

    FYI, on the Park/Meadows course, refrigerated water is available to the player after holes #4, 9, and 14.

    The Desert Gold course is cart only. Refrigerated water is available after holes #1 & 16. Starting in 2010 the Desert Gold course will have refrigerated water available to the player after holes #1, 5, 12, 14, and 16.

  4. This is an excellent concept, a most useful website for visitors and new golfers alike. Many decisions about which courses to play will likely by made after readers see this rating chart. Congratulations and well done. BC Golf News will certainly promote a visit to this site for tourists and new golfers.
    Barry Sharpe, Editor, BC Golf

  5. Should anyone be interested in some first hand knowledge of most of the courses in BC please visit us at bcgolfguide or even call us at 1-877-223-7226. We can book your next bc golf trip or just give some helpful suggestions. Note: I have played Shadow Ridge in Kelowna many times, and is probably the most walkable 18 hole course that has reasonable yardage, Tower Ranch is a cart only facility too.

  6. Victoria’s newest course, Highland Pacific (, should be added to your list. The course is manageable to walk, has some challenging holes, and offers great views and amenities.

  7. there is no rating for 108 Mile Resort and having golfed there over the years I would give it a green except that if the weather is hot then it would move to yellow.Also walk nine and ride nine would fit very nicely on warmer days.

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