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    Ron Smith

    We all share the love of the game and most will agree it is a love best experienced walking down the fairway with the course under your feet. I’m curious to hear stories of those who didn’t like to walk or never had that you may have converted over to walkers.

    Six years ago my wife joined me for a round of golf. She had played growing up but this was our first time playing together. I explained I would get her a push cart. She was completely unaware there was another form of golf than riding in a cart. Two holes in she looks over a asked why more people don’t do this. She explained how much more quiet and enjoyable the round was. Since then she’s been a converted walker.


    Ben Cowan


    Great post! My father in law i converted. He just basically played in a work league in which everyone rides. I think he likes the experience more, but I’ll have to ask him. The funny thing is the work league disbanded. He works at a large company and getting people to commit once a week to a league is so difficult these days.


    Cal Seifert

    I converted my dad, mostly because I said a guy who ran a marathon shouldn’t ride in a cart.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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