Which 9 at ANGC would you pick?

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    Ben Cowan

    If you had a chance to pick a 9 to play at ANGC, would it be the front or the back? and why?

    I’d pick the front and tell you why later…

    Brent Gremillion

    Too many shots to hit on the back 9 for me to look elsewhere. 17 might be the only hole on the back that I don’t have a particular shot I’d like to try. I know it’s cliche but I don’t care, I’m going back 9.

    Ben Cowan

    Having not been on property, I’ll go with the front 9. I think the par 5’s are superior. #2, Hard dog leg left rewards angles. The mounding around the 8th green looks great. 13th looks great but the trees left of the green ruin the firmness of the green. 15 has no bailout and the pond looks awful.

    Par 3’s on the front I’ll give edge. 6th looks really cool, green looks wonderful. 4th edges out the 16th because putting ponds by greens is hackish imo, cool green.

    The biggest omission on the front is the original 7th hole that looked incredible. It may have needed to of been tweaked just slightly.

    The 14th looks the most interesting on the back side to play. The green is so bold and it’s bunkerless.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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