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    Brian Finn

    Which 3 courses would you say are your favorite walks? Not necessarily the greatest course you’ve played, but always a pleasure to take a stroll and spend 2 to 4 hours outdoors playing the game you love. I’ll choose 3 really different spots.

    1 – Chechessee Creek Club – very good Coore/Crenshaw course, routed over the flat low-country to be easily walked in 3 hours. Flawless green to tee transitions, usually mere steps from one hole to the next. Beautiful spot for a walk almost any time of year.

    2 – Merrick Park GC – 9 hole muni where my Dad plays 3-5 times per week. Far from an architectural gem, it sits on a flat site on Long Island’s South shore, right on a bay, across which you can see Jones Beach. It’s an easy walk (as long as you go out early and don’t get stuck behind a crowd) and the course has some really great greens for a course nobody has ever heard of.

    3 – Brookside G&CC – the less acclaimed Brookside in Ohio, I spent 3 years as a member here. The setting is extremely tranquil, the land is largely flat, and in the evenings you could walk 18 in under 2.5 hours without rushing. Sure, they still have tons of trees to take down, but I always looked forward to the walk there. Despite now being a member at a great Ross course in NC, I still occasionally miss my walks at Brookside.


    Ben Cowan

    1. Battle Creek- About 4 falls ago a buddy and I played here on our afternoon round of a late fall 36er. We played in 3.5 hrs and teed off on the wrong hole 2 times and still loved every minute of it. The land is gently rolling and is ideal for a walking course. The club is so very down to earth and this gem is located only a mile off i-94. After more plays I have come to learn that 3.25-3.5 hr rounds are the norm. A great walk, WPJ gem, and ideal location.

    2. Ocala Gc- This was referred to me on a list my mom’s friend gave me for Florida courses. Like a drug addiction I can’t wait to tee it here every time i visit Florida. Great smooth elevation change especially for Florida. You will actually see some people walking this course (shocking for Florida). I have met some really nice locals here. My buddy Dan Jones wrote a great book on the history of this course called ”Muni”. Really good read.

    3. Radrick Farms- The land is about as perfect as one can have for an in-land site. The non-descript entrance and low key vibe of the place is great. I’d say 70% of the folks walk. I love going out in the evening and when on the range you can pick up a game with a stranger rather easily. Twilight rounds are the best at RF.

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