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    Phil Hensley

    The first time I played Tobacco Road we let a group of local high school players that were walking play through. I thought it was insane that anyone would try to walk this course.

    Years later, I started walking it and it’s not as tough as it looks. There are some steep climbs (9) and long green to tee walks (12 to 13, and 13 to 14) on the back 9 were the routing gets a little disjointed.

    When you cartball there you are riding high on the sides of holes but when you’re walking you end up walking mainly through the flatter topography of the property. When I tell someone I walk TR they are shocked but I think most (especially on this forum) could handle it and enjoy the course more.


    Ben Cowan


    That is exactly the same scenario I had with Greywalls. We ended up getting there late in the day and cartballed a twilight round. When on the cart i was like how can anyone walk this course. The cart path takes you away and you miss so much of the course. I walked it 2 more times and walked it after a MGC am round and it was no problem but not easy. The front 9 routing is disjointed because it is a much more extreme site then TR.


    Brian Finn

    Tobacco Road is one of the few courses that I have played several times, but never walked. When I was last there (a month ago), I saw a few walking groups, and my brother walked the majority of the course (while I drove the cart with his bag on it), and the only real trouble spot seemed to be 12-14. You’ve inspired me to walk it next time around. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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