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    Ben Cowan

    In the last few decades I’ve noticed an increase in Shotgun starts at public and privates. Outside of courses with very strong caddie programs, I feel this is really hurting walking. I was curious if the PGA was pushing more shotguns? Anyone else notice increase in shotguns? If so, do you agree with my outlook? I call it factory golf…


    Jeff Warne

    No doubt they do.
    Hard for some operations to justify having the cart to get people out to the hole, and not charging for it.
    We are “walking only” and only have 20 carts and stage many players on holes near the clubhouse-doubling up on one and 10. Requires quite a bit more management during a full shotgun..
    WE also anounce that the cart is merely to get them to their holes, and that they are walking-cart usage must be preapproved for medical or over age 65.
    Nonetheless, inevitably it’s too tempting for many and there are almost always more carts in use than approved-especially when using caddies imported from other clubs for the day.
    Amazing how many people show up for a shotgun with Rodney Dangerfield bags with 100 balls.


    Phil Hensley

    It hurts walking and also takes away from the way the course was intended to be played. There’s a reason the great courses have great routings. The architect didn’t just throw 18 randoms spots on the course for holes and then name the closest tee to the clubhouse #1 and the closest green #18.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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