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    Cal Seifert

    9th at yale

    Have to walk sideways both directions in the woods before you even reach the water.


    Ben Cowan

    The walk from 8 green to 9 tee at Greywalls, but the enjoyable walk is worth it!

    Greywalls 9th


    Phil Hensley

    9 at Tobacco Road, though some my call it a hard hole and not necessarily a great hole.


    Eric Strulowitz

    I loved the holes at Dormey Club in Pinehurst area, but felt it was a terrible walking course. The walking often felt disjointed from the course. You are forced to walk in ways that the course disappears. I think they really blew it there.


    Ben Cowan


    Dormie was just purchased last week. The same owners as Ballyhack and few other courses they own. I will be curious to see if they fix the walking paths. The course plans to be private in the future when they get enough members.


    Brian Finn

    I agree on Dormie, in its current state. When it first opened, it was designed to be walked, and had paths and bridges on several holes that required them. Hoping they do restore the walker-friendly features, because it was actually an awesome walk, with only one or two minor (in my opinion) hiccups.


    Melvyn Morrow

    Noting that I have not played in North America I question if there is any such thing as bad walks. Here in the UK, I must admit that nay bad walks always seem to be more down to my poor game than the course, also many of the out of the way courses have, as yet, not been able to afford carts so we are rich in only walkable courses. Everything seem sweet when I feel content with my game, more so the walking if I am playing the course for the first time.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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