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    Tom Garner

    I’m doing some research and I’d like to know, how many of you take your faithful companion with you when you play a round. (That is if any of you do at all.)

    While I have seen numerous dogs roaming courses I’ve played, Does your local course even allow you to bring your canine with you.

    If your course allowed it and it wasn’t a pain to do it would you?

    I’m not looking for reasons against it. Those I got.

    (1) Does your course allow it?
    (2) Have you?
    (3) Would you if you could so long as it wasn’t a big hassle?

    Your response to this is most appreciated.

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    Brent Gremillion

    Tom, great topic! When I was in Austin, TX a couple years ago I played with a gentleman who had his Springer Spaniel with him. The dog was fantastic and to be honest, the dog made the round more interesting. When making the turn, a woman on the porch of the clubhouse yelled down to us, “hey mister this is a golf course, not a dog park. why don’t you take your dog where it belongs!” I immediately responded, “I’ve been with this dog for 2 hrs now; and, you have just made more noise and interrupted my round more than the dog! Congrats!” Everyone on the first tee, the putting green and the groups making the turn had a chuckle.
    I’ve never tried it here. I can’t imagine it would go well. I do love the idea though. As long as the owners are responsible enough to pick-up after the pet.


    Ben Cowan


    1. No, but i played Lookout Mtn and they allow dogs on the course, but NO trolleys (ha)

    2. NO

    3. I have 2 dogs (brother and sister). Bella could be trained to be on the course, her brother Page is too hard headed and it would be a huge hassle with him.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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