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    Eric Strulowitz

    Atlanta golfer here.

    We have so many great golf courses here, but so few are walkable, and many basically unwalkable. Most of the courses here are based around real estate subdivisions, and the routing is built to accommodate real estate first. A walk should be pleasureable, not just for the sake of it, and there is sadly very few pleasureable walks in this town, very sad. But like I said, a lot of really great golf.

    Had the pleasure of playing Columbus CC a few weeks ago, a great Ross layout. What a pleasure to see a golf that was indeed walkable. Loved the course, and loved the fact that the course has really made an effort to preserve the Ross greens, they are beyond fun.

    And as a side note here, anyone ever in the Atlanta area, I love to host and can set up rounds at just about any course, with the exception of just a few Also , a member at Lookout Mountain. A walkable course for sure, not always easy in parts, but tees close to greens. A Raynor layout that is beyond fun to play, and Black Creek CC close by. Be happy to host rounds anytime at both courses in 2018, all you need to do is ask and it will happen!

    Great to see this discussion group, best of luck!


    Ben Cowan


    Thanks for your generosity. We have had a Walking Gathering a few springs ago at Holston Hills and Lookout Mtn. Two great courses.

    The former CC of Columbus HP is a member of TWGS and we were supposed to of had a Walking event there a few falls ago but it fell through. Hope to get one there in the future, Toledo’s Drew Rogers did reno/resto work there and I’ve heard great things!


    Jeff Warne

    Nice offer thanks.
    What courses are great in Atlanta?
    Grew up in Geaorgia and never saw much decent in Atlanta


    Brian Finn


    Come on up to Charlotte some time and we can walk Carolina GC and anywhere else you might like to see.

    I’ve never played in Atlanta. What are your 3-5 favorite courses? What are the best walks?


    Eric Strulowitz

    The best course in Atlanta is probably Peachtree, but very hard to get access. I have heard some say it is even harder than AGNC to get on.

    Atlanta Athletic Club is a great club with 36 holes, the home of previous PGA championships, rolling courses but very walkable. Been there to see the pros, but never played.

    East Lake is the home of the Tour Championship, fairly flat and walkable course, played it once several years ago. Great conditions and a lot of history, but overrated in my view.

    My home course is Eagle Watch, an Arnold Palmer design. A very fun, rolling layout, love the club and love to host guests. It is a subdivision based course, but homes seldom get in the way. But because of the homes, it is around a 6.5 mile walk, very hilly in parts,, with some huge gaps between holes. I have walked it but many guests give up after nine holes, the walk will kick your butt, especially in the brutal Atlanta heat.

    My favorite course in the Atlanta area is Braelinn GC in Peachtree City, just south of the airport. A relatively flat course, with amazing bunkering and incredible conditions. In the prime of the season, it looks and plays like a world class course. Not too far also in Peachtree City is Planterra Ridge, another very walkable and scenic course. About an hour south or so of Peachtree City is Country Club of Columbus, a fun course to walk, great conditions, and a very authentic well preserved Donald Ross layout.

    Whenever I can, I try to get away and play Lookout Mountain GC . I am also a member there, and there is no better way to go away from it all and decompress for a few days. The staff there is nothing short of amazing, to assure everyone is treated first class, and the course and conditions are always top rate. Not too far from Lookout is Black Creek, and as a Club Corp member, I get reciprocal privaleges there. Lookout Mtn/Black Creek is one of the best combos you can do for a golf trip, and Honors Club, Chattanooga CC, and a host of others are nearby. You cannot beat a few nights out in Chattanooga, that town has come a long way!

    There is so much great golf in Atlanta area and I always love to host guests at Lookout and Black Creek. You all have an open invitation next year to come out and enjoy these amazing venues. The only caveat is April-October, otherwise it can be cold and windy that way, very uncomfortable. My email is

    Eric Strulowitz


    Jeff Warne

    Great info Eric. Thanks
    Interesting about the courses down near the airport, an area I’ve never played golf in.
    Most of the courses I have played are north of the city anr very predictable development cartball courses with the golf in the valley and hosues on the high points.
    (St. Ives, Golf Club of Georgia)
    Played Dunwwody in the State Am many years ago-seemed pretty good and no doubt we were walking but can’remember.
    I’ve seen great things on GCA about Rivermont as well-don’t know about its walkability.

    I had lunch with Rob Collins a couple weeks ago and he made same invite (plus Sweetens) so maybe we can figure out a date.


    Eric Strulowitz

    There are many good courses south of the airport, that are very walakble and have great conditions!

    Rivermont is a really great venue, it is walkable for sure, but not sure if I would call it a pleasureable walk. Like most north atlanta courses, it is routed around housing , and a few large walks betwen holes. There are some incredbile elevation changes on a few holes, tough with the summer heat. Highly recoomend the place, it is a great layout.

    I have met Rob Collin son several occasions, and I hope he gets more opportunities down the road. I love Sweetens Cove, the only negative is that after nine, you just want more and more. What an 18 hole venue that could have been, but he had constraints. MAny times, I will play Lookout Mtn or Black Creek in the am, take a leisurly lunch, then head over to Sweetens for a quick 9. And then back to Chattanooga for a great dinner. It does not get any better than that!

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