2020 New Plays

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    Chris Martinez

    I saw Ben’s post and thought 2020 deserved it’s own thread. Here are mine:

    Sand Valley
    Mammoth Dunes
    Stoatin Brae
    Gull Lake CC
    Columbus CC

    I had a blast at each of these, but Gull Lake surprised me with how good it was. I played the same day as the club championship and conditions were terrific, teetering on the edge of baked out with just barely enough water to keep it alive. Highly recommend checking that place out.

    Ben Cowan

    Chris, great post.

    My new plays for 2020 were,

    Columbus CC

    Really looking forward to playing Blythfield in 2021 with the much needed renovation. Good land and routing. Columbus CC is the best in Cbus imo and was fortunate enough to play it twice this year!

    Chris Martinez

    Pleased to say the improvements at Blythefield are noticeable. Unfortunately they also beefed up the clubhouse and pumped in significant funds to do so.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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