Golf Course Walkability Ratings

Welcome to The Walking Walkability Ratings and Course Listings for the USA & Canada.

Courses across the USA and Canada have been rated based on the scale at the right.

The goal is to rate every course in the USA and Canada for Walkability.

As you will see in the State by State and Province by Province listings, not all courses are on the list and/or rated.

This is a work in progress and we could use your help.

We believe these ratings will be a massive resource for golfers across the country as they plan golf trips and seek out new courses in their area.

WALKING ONLY courses have been noted.

U.S. States and the District of Columbia

Canadian Provinces

The Walking Golfer Course "Walkability" Rating Scale

Course is EASY to walk
Course is MANAGEABLE to walk
Course is TOUGH to walk
Course is essentially UNWALKABLE
Motorized Carts Only

If you would like to rate one of the courses below for walkability, please contact us!

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