Why Don't They Route 'Em Like Donald Ross Anymore?

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    Tim Passalacqua

    I have been fortunate in the last 6-7 years to play quite a few Donald Ross courses. And every time I walk off, I am thinking, “What a great course! Every hole was solid! No weak holes! Perfect routing!……..and a PERFECT WALK!” Donald Ross produced excellent courses and he is slowly becoming my favorite because he always seemed to maximize the given terrain, route great holes over that terrain, create an awesome course with an enjoyable walk. His green to tee transfers are the best I have ever seen. How many Donald Ross courses have you walked off a green and stumbled right onto the next tee? Or the short cut around the green slowly turned into a tee box? Not only does it make the walk more enjoyable and easier, it makes your round so much QUICKER! I have played a few C&C, Doak, Kidd, and Hanse courses. These gentlemen have been given better property and probably more freedom than most of their fellow architects. Also, they have created my favorite golf courses, but it seems that none of them consistently route their courses as tightly as Ross…..WHY? Everyone appreciates Mr. Ross’s routings and praises his genius. So why not emulate him more? What modern architect does as good a job as Ross? I will say that Old MacDonald is excellent….


    Ben Cowan


    Why aren’t there more Ross Volcano template holes made by modern day Archies? How many MacRaynors do we need to endure?


    Craig Moore

    Ross was indeed a master router.
    A major focal point in the Ross design days was walking, as carts were not a part of our great game yet. It was a priority to have an easy flow and transition from tee to green. Unfortunately Design pulled away from this for years as carts began to dominate the links landscape. It is refreshing to see a resurgence in tee to green flow…. it should always be a priority so the game can stay healthful.


    Phil Hensley

    At Mid Pines the green to tee flow is so close you are likely going to walk more if you walk from a green to your cart, ride to the next tee, and walk to the tee.


    Brent Gremillion

    The “country club” is no longer very common. The trend for decades has been to build courses for golfing communities. This forces the routing to cover much more acreage as developers can sell an exponentially higher number of lots with course access. In my opinion, this has been the death kneel of golf. We no longer offer kids the opportunity to walk onto golf courses after school or in the summer like we did in years past. It seems the only modern courses being built to support the walking golfer are tournament courses and few resorts. Unfortunately, I don’t see this trend changing. If the demand was there we would see it supplied.


    Ben Cowan

    Donald Ross could route a course and never set foot on the property so much better then the majority of courses built in the last 60 years.

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