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    Phil Hensley

    What do you do with a golfing buddy that claims to enjoy walking but always finds an excuse to cartball (“injury”, bad weather coming, etc)?

    -call him out?

    -don’t play with him anymore

    -make fun of him


    Ben Cowan

    You leave him at Tobacco Road and play #2


    Brian Hoover

    Please tell me this thread was meant to be sarcastic? God, I hope so. I enjoy walking, but it’s more important to enjoy time with friends and to enjoy playing golf than to be an idealist.


    Phil Hensley

    It was a subtle dig at another poster here. Yes, you are correct. I walk not to be an idealist, but because I enjoy the game the most by walking. And I think more people would enjoy it more by walking.

    I would cartball with friends rather than not play, most days. Certain courses would be an exception to that rule. If a friend wanted to cartball Pinehurst #2, I would not be friends with that person anymore. That’s just bad form.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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