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    Ben Cowan

    In the new year I’ll be interviewing Course Architect Mike DeVries. Let me know any questions you would like me to ask Mike?

    Any other interview suggestions that you are interested in?

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    Brian Finn

    I am a big fan of Drew Rogers, both as an architect and as a person. I’d love to see him get more praise and attention, so an interview would be great.


    Cal Seifert

    I like to hear about the work of Brian Silva on Raynor restorations.


    Ben Cowan


    As a native Toledoian, that is a great idea.


    Will do.

    I’m thinking about interviewing some keepers on walking and managing grass. Maybe some club Pro’s (Public and Private) and there responses from golfers in regards to walking would be interesting.


    Melvyn Morrow

    How many architects have been over to Askernish Golf Course on South Uist Scotland to experience a course that is close to nature? I ask because to encourage walking I believe we need to address current designs and finishes and make a serious effort to return more to Nature and the Natural.


    Ben Cowan


    I didn’t have enough time to ask Mike DeVries this question, but I will ask the next Archie I interview this question about Askernish GC…


    Ben Cowan


    I’m going to interview Drew, what questions would you like me to ask him?



    Mike Sweeney

    I would love to see a balance of Greenskeepers aka the Unsung Architects of golf. They do more on a day to day basis to our playing conditions.

    Nice addition by the way Ben.


    Ben Cowan


    Couldn’t agree more. Have 2 keepers (Private and semi-private) I’m interviewing for this summer! I promise they will have some great stuff for you!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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