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    Ben Cowan

    Lets discuss Golf courses as they move inland. The movement of Golf in Towns and Cities in the US and UK. Golf played on heavy soils and the enjoyment of not travelling far for a round.

    If additional drainage is need which lasts a long time or soil profile amendments are needed, isn’t this cheaper in the long run verse driving 2+ hrs to the sandy beach for a round?

    I’m not advocating building a course in a swamp like some have been built. I’m talking about spending money on drainage tile, sand capping, and or Auger n Fill.

    Why did Golden age courses NOT need irrigation ponds, but now every course is quick to build one? Worried about droughts and getting lots a water on the course in a short period of time is most likely the answer. Have i missed something?

    Has the planting of non native and poor tree specimens caused fairway shrinkage? Watering the rough so a golf ball doesn’t go under a pine tree a good solution?

    I recall Bill Diddle telling Pete Dye around the 1960’s that Golf was changing to an aerial game and I recall it being due to course maint with over watering. I need to verify this. Bill broke his age I believe over 1,000 times and also did course construction for WPJ.

    So is it possible inland courses get a bad rap due to how much we have messed them up? Meaning the Architecture has been neutered.

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